How Much Do Cleaners Charge?

You may have considered hiring a professional cleaner if you don’t have the time, resources, or energy to clean your home correctly.

Even if you think you can handle your own cleaning, it’s occasionally a good idea to hire a professional because they’ll know how to clean areas that you could miss or simply don’t know how to clean effectively.

In Dublin, how much do cleaners charge in 2020?

The cost of hiring a cleaner in Dublin can range from as little as €8 per hour to over €20 per hour, depending on who you hire and where you reside.

We recommend hiring from a local agency because their cleaners are more likely to have suitable equipment and be properly educated.

However, if you want to save money, you can hire an independent cleaner. If you have friends who have hired cleaners, ask them who they used; word of mouth may be quite helpful.

The price will vary greatly depending on the state of your home, your location, and the chores you want the cleaner to complete.


The typical hourly charge for house cleaning in Dublin is between €12 and €20 per hour if you hire from an agency.

The cost will vary greatly depending on your location and the quality of the agency you choose.

Of fact, some organizations charge significantly more than €20 per hour.

You may be able to hire many cleaners if you hire from an agency, which is ideal if you have a larger home.

We suggest that you check out a few different folks until you find someone you like. There’s no harm in hiring a cleaner and then not rehiring them if their job falls short of your expectations.

Cleaners who work on their own

Independent cleaners are less expensive if you want to save a little money. You should anticipate to pay between €10 and €15 per hour, depending on who you hire. In 2020, the typical rate for a residential cleaner will be around €12.

For individuals aged 25 and up, the minimum wage is €8.21 per hour, so you shouldn’t pay less unless you’re hiring someone younger.

Expect to hire someone unskilled, such as a teenager looking for some summer job, if you want to pay as little as possible.

You can also be hiring someone who lacks the specialized equipment that a more experienced cleaner would have.

A cleaner that comes with all of their own equipment will almost certainly cost a little more.

End-of-tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other services

There will be occasions when you need a one-time cleaning service, such as end-of-tenancy cleaning or carpet cleaning, in addition to regular weekly cleaning.

Here’s a breakdown of what you might anticipate to pay in 2020 for these services:

  • End-of-tenancy cleaning costs at least €80 for a studio flat and €160 for a three-bedroom house.
  • The cost of carpet cleaning is determined by the size of the space. A living room will cost around €30-35, while a modest bedroom will cost around €20. Dry cleaning will set you back roughly twice as much.

Prices in Greater Dublin are generally higher, just like they are for normal cleaning services.

Is Getting a Cleaner Worth It?

Many people use cleaners to supplement rather than totally replace their current cleaning practice.

If you’re busy and want to take a day off from cleaning, for example, hiring a cleaner for a few hours once a week could save you a lot of time.

You should think about how much your time is worth. Even though your time is less valuable than the cleaner’s, keep in mind that a cleaner will work much more efficiently.

You don’t have to hire a cleaner for everything; you may just have them handle the jobs you don’t want to do.

Many cleaning businesses will provide a service to clean up a home after builders have completed their job. Because of the amount of cleaning required and the possibility of specialized equipment, this normally costs more.

How many hours per week do I require the services of a cleaner?

It’s tough to get a precise figure. It will largely rely on the size of your home and how much effort you are willing to do yourself.

You may require up to 6 hours a week if you hire a cleaner to perform all of the cleaning for a larger family home.

For smaller homes, 2 hours may be sufficient – see this page for more information on what a cleaner can accomplish in 2 hours.

Many cleaners have a minimum amount of hours they are willing to work on a single job, which is usually 3 hours.

The process of selecting how long to hire a cleaner will almost certainly involve a lot of trial and error.

Bring the cleaner in and give it a shot. If you need to, you can always extend the hours.

Some cleaning services will even do an assessment and provide you with a quote detailing how long you will require a cleaner and how much it will cost.